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You want to be able to fully focus your attention on your company. Conflicts cost time, money and energy. You would therefore prefer to avoid conflicts. And in case a conflict is unavoidable, you don’t want to escalate it so that you maintain your business and personal relationships to the best of your ability. In the role of conflict coach, business mediator or sparring partner, we help business owners prevent conflicts with co-owners, partners, suppliers, financiers and customers. I help to find future-oriented solutions for matters that play a role in your SME business. With more than 25 years of experience in business, small and large, locally and internationally, we understand better than anyone which issues can play a role, which dilemmas you can be confronted with and how you can constructively solve (starting) conflicts efficiently and effectively find.


Sparring and brainstorming with owners and directors of companies. A fresh look at dilemmas and issues at play. Analytical and critical and with the aim of inspiring and stimulating to explore alternative options.

Business mediation

Disputes or conflicts have a negative impact on both financial and people-to-people relations in the company. Business mediation is an effective and efficient means of preventing escalation and resolving disputes.

Labour mediation

Successful Labour Mediations prevent unnecessary negative consequences for both the employee as well as the employer. Dismissal procedures and reputation damage can often be prevented.

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