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There is a dispute between cooperating business partners, management teams, within a company or an organizational form of business cooperation. Communication amongst partners or leaders is difficult, the decision making process is no longer functioning properly and the lack of cooperation and good spirit of partners or leaders starts to have a negative impact on members of staff, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Views on the origin and the consequences of the dispute are intertwined and the dispute deteriorates and gets magnified by differences in the character and style of those involved. Jointly finding a way out and coming to solutions is impossible without professional support.

As a business mediator with many years of working experience in international companies and cross-border forms of cooperations, we help parties to resolve disputes by means of mediation or alternative dispute resolution.

We support the dialogue, help parties expressing their interests and do ask those questions that parties could or dare not have asked themselves. We guide the process of finding sustainable solutions that fit within (international) legal and tax frameworks. We cooperate with financial and legal experts already present in the process or endorse their involvement to ensure compliancy.

Conversations are confidential, discreet and respectful to one’s position and take place in accordance with the rules of the Dutch Federation of Mediators MfN.

Robert Evers

sparring partner & mediator
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