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Our certified labour mediator will, by conducting a dispute diagnosis, explore the nature of the labour conflict and guide the employee and employer in confidential conversations to an appropriate resolution. Disputes in the relationship between employer and employee can have many different causes and origins.

In international companies the difference in business cultures is a contributing factor to both the nature and also the resolution of the dispute. Cross-border aspects will have to be addressed adequately in finding sustainable solutions which is acceptable for all involved. Our mediator is experienced in international labour mediations and will guide parties to an agreement.

Successful labour mediations result in improved working relations, agreements on improved mutual communication, agreements on a reintegration trajectory in case the employee is unfit for work and mutually agreed dismissal agreements in case an exit in unevitable.

We are asked by HR managers, company doctors and also employees to use our expertise and experience to support resolve the dispute. Labour mediation are in accordance with the rules of the Dutch Mediators Association MfN.

Robert Evers

sparring partner & mediator
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