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There are times when decision have to be taken on crucial issues which arise in the entrepreneur’s life. Sparring with a neutral outsider will support you in the decision making process.

An experienced manager and entrepreneur himself who will challenge you by asking questions on the essence of the matter, supporting you in taking a critical glance at yourself and the issues on the table. Get an overview of the considerations and interests that play a role in the matter and learn what behavioural style will be most effective in any negotiation procedures.

As a sparring partner for entrepreneurs, we are the person from outside the company. The person with whom to reflect on your ideas, with whom to reflect on your goals. A sparring partner who is not necessarily an expert in your industry, but who is a quick thinker and able to ask the right questions. Alike experiences from other companies and industries can help you to get the right insights.

The target group of entrepreneurs for whom we are the natural sparring partner are those in Start-up companies and smaller SME. Sparring conversations take place in confidentiality, can be either periodic or at a one-time occasion.

Robert Evers

sparring partner & mediator
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